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Forget about tedious WordPress Management

By: Rafal Kukla Updated on: April 6, 2023

Forget about tedious WordPress management, as we are here to change the game.

Launching in the revolutionary world of cutting-edge technology and intensive competition, ForgetWP offers WordPress Premium Hosting, Management and Maintenance services for serious WordPress owners, agencies, and design studios. All under one roof. From simple site management to multiplexed site demands, we take over the responsibility of keeping your website state of the art. Powered by Google Cloud Platform, we deploy the latest technologies to cater to the evolving needs of WordPress users.
We host, edit, and optimise your content to give your business and site the traffic and the boost it needs to forge in this world. ForgetWP, as a multifaceted WordPress service, offers a plethora of benefits for its user. We know that our clients deserve the best of WordPress features out there.

WordPress Optimisation

No matter how great and unique your content is, it would not stand out if your site does not work suitably. Our standard optimisation policy ensures all our client’s websites are at the highest benchmark we believe in. But we do not just stop there. For any advanced optimisation needs, we analyse all the WordPress core, plug-ins, and themes to bring out the best performance of each, so together, they create something extraordinary.
Users don’t need to build a custom report, create a PowerPoint document or design a custom dashboard – everything is right there straight away. Even better, lightweight design means that sites load more quickly for even better performance.

WordPress Updates

Part of our regular updates involves taking care of your website and ensuring that it is safe from potential threats out there and is up-to-date as well, so visitors can see your uniqueness shining through. Apart from that, thanks to our updates you receive improved performance and some new features too.

WordPress Maintenance

When it comes to offering our expertise and experience to your benefit, we do not shy away. We recognise the need to update and enhance your site content to stay on top of the game. Thus, we provide a variety of WordPress services, designed for Bloggers, Business owners and eCommerce shops.

Even if you are required to change your plug-in settings or change page content, we handle all your site management issues for you.

From installing plug-ins to managing content, we handle the nitty-gritty of every single task, ensuring you have no complaints or extra burden on your mind.

We love to see your progress, because your success is our success.

Managed Hosting

Our entire system has been designed to offer better performance and scalability for WordPress sites. We couldn't allow any compromises regarding hosting. That's why we've chosen the Google Cloud Platform. We ensure that your Website can handle any kind of traffic, ranging from small to thousands of visitors per day by utilising the auto-scaling feature.

DNS Management

When you can only choose one DNS provider for your domain, you have to select the best in the market. Google Cloud DNS stands out for its support, fast performance, and platform compatibility. We will help you leave your old DNS provider if you decide to host with us!

24/7 Uptime

Managed hosting company is expected to give you a pretty reasonable uptime. Uptime is referred to as the time duration through which your website is available online. Most companies provides an uptime of about 99%. This percentage implies the fact that your website has the probability of being offline only for 0.879h per year, which is a fairly acceptable amount of downtime which won't do much harm to your business.


Investing in a quality hosting from the very start will prove beneficial for you later on. Not only will you reduce the risk of losing your customer and leads due to unnecessary delays and lack of support but you will be able to focus more on growing your business instead of dealing with the issues that come with cheap WordPress hosting, now and then. Cheap hosting sinks you from the very beginning. You may be able to save few pounds on it, but you won't ever receive the performance needed to run an actual business. Good hosting providers also ensure the security of your websites.


Here at ForgetWP, we use of the latest Wordpress technologies, to ensure that the user who host their websites with us can sleep safe. Not only we can provide Management, Maintenance with unlimited edits and optimisation but also we will monitor the uptime for your site, keep WordPress up-to-date, ensuring on-time patching, security and extra performance! We provide great customer services in case you encounter any issue, our team of experts is available to resolve your issue.
Author Rafal Kukla
Helping customers grow with Technology. Providing Managed IT Services to frustrated #Apple users and #WordPress website owners since 2016.