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Powered by Google Cloud Network. We deploy the latest technologies to cater to the evolving needs of WordPress users. We host, edit, and optimize your content to give your business and site the traffic and the boost it needs to forge in this world.

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What benefits you'll get with Care Plan

List of benefits and features included with our Care Plan


Technical support to overcome any challenge and keep things running smoothly for you. We are always here to help!


Settings optimisation so that the performance of your website runs like a well finely tuned engine – Google friendly.

Content Assist

As our customer we will do as many content changes, as you need for as long as you stay with us. Simple and Easy.

Uptime Monitoring

We are monitoring and keeping an eye on all aspects of your website, we aim to be 100% uptime and making sure performance is maintained.

Weekly Updates

We are completely transparent and will keep you in the loop of what’s been happening. Updates, uptime, traffic, security, backups, etc.

Site Maintenance

Think of a car, without servicing every year, eventually it will break down. We maintain your website, so everything runs at optimal levels constantly.

Monthly Reports

Communication is key to improving and our monthly detailed report will provide an understanding of what’s going well and what can be done to improve.

Site Management

Whatever your requirements, just send it over and we will do the rest making sure your time is used effectively and allowing you to work on making your business more successful.

What benefits you'll get with Care Plus Plan

All of the above, Plus following


We are constantly monitoring the potential attacks, fraudulent traffic and much more from causing harm to your website.


We will always monitor, maintain and optimise the results, so Google and your customers likes what they see as quick as possible.

Managed Hosting

We offer a top concierge service where all technical aspects of running your WordPress is managed by us.

WAF Support

Think of this as traffic and checkpoint police. The Police will only look at genuine traffic through not potential fraudulent ones.

Google's Brotli

Just like gzip, Brotli is also a compression algorithm. It is developed by Google and serves best for text compression.

LiteSpeed Server

LiteSpeed Web Server, is a proprietary web server software that greatly improves your WordPress speed, performance and caching.

Daily Backups

Relax. Daily backup stops any unknown situations occurring and allows you to revert back to the previous backup point.

30 Days Retention

30 days retention means we are going to take daily snapshot of your website, for up to 30 days.

PHP 7.3 / 7.4

PHP 7.3 is the fastest engine as of 2019, giving your WordPress website extra speed and better performance.

20 Locations

Choose Hosting from 20 locations around the globe. To deliver faster response time to your customers near you.

Google DNS

Global DNS resolution service that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider for supper fast speed results.

HTTPS/3 Ready

HTTP/3 is the upcoming third major version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol used to exchange information on the World Wide Web.

Malware Detection

Defending against threats is an important part of what we do. We monitor and scan all sites for malware and intrusions.

Free SSL

Boost your SEO with free SSL Certificate. Encrypting Traffic and boosting security for your site.

Free CDN

CDN is a a content delivery network, distributed network of proxy servers and their data centres across the globe.

Ideal for any type of Business

Designed for people who want to concentrate on what they do best and run their business and leave the headache of Wordpress for us to deal with. Our team will manage, maintain, backup, hosting and all the other headaches, so you don’t have to.

Give your WordPress "Peace of Mind"

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