WordPress Plan: Care Plus

Our Care + Hosting plans offer "Peace of Mind" solution to your WordPress needs.
WordPress maintenance is handled by our Team - Our hosting platform is powered by Top Tier Google Cloud Platform.

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What ForgetWP is all about

Few examples of what you will get with our WordPress Care Plus

Content Assist

What if you need to change the content on your site? As our customer we will do as many content changes, as you need for as long as you stay with us. Simply, contact us and request content edit. Easy.


When it comes to WordPress Maintenance, try to think of a car - without servicing every year, eventually it will break down. This is why we maintain your website regularly, so everything runs at optimal levels constantly.

Regular Updates

We are completely transparent and will keep you in the loop of what’s been happening. Updates, uptime, traffic, security, backups, etc.

Technical Support

Awesome and friendly Technical Support to overcome any challenge and keep things running smoothly for you. We are always here to help!

Custom WordPress project?

If your WordPress site has been heavily edited or customised, or you using custom Theme, or Plugins, please speak to us before placing an order. First, we need to establish complexity of your site.

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