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Written by: Rafal Kukla | Published on: 8 April 2021 | Edited on: 6 April 2023

Are you looking for Google Analytics alternative with an effective website analysis platform that doesn’t collect any personal data and is entirely cookie-free?

Then could be just what you’re looking for 😊.
This fully GDPR compliant platform is super-fast, lightweight, and privacy-focused, so you can benefit from its progressive web tracking approach without having to worry about your personal information being exposed. It’s our preferred alternative to the better-known Google Analytics, so read on to find out more about why We LOVE IT 😍.

So How it Works?

Most people are well-aware of Google Analytics – the free web-tracking tool from tech giant Google itself. However, they are also well-aware that it poses some drawbacks, most significantly, the lack of privacy!
The tracking cookies that are placed by the Google Analytics software last for many years, so privacy is out the window. If using cookies is the last thing you want to do, you’ll need an effective alternative, and this is where can prove to be indispensable.
Although Plausible isn’t free, unlike Google Analytics, its cost is minimal, representing excellent value for money. With a clean, user-friendly dashboard, Plausible offers easy access to all of the key data that the vast majority of online businesses require without any of the privacy issues associated with Google’s offering.
Plausible offers simple analytics that are easy to understand, with essential insights being visible on a single page in under a minute.
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Users don’t need to build a custom report, create a PowerPoint document or design a custom dashboard – everything is right there straight away. Even better, lightweight design means that sites load more quickly for even better performance.

What can do? It can:

  • Segment data by various metrics.
  • Answer key questions about referral sources, content and visitors.
  • Analyse paid campaigns with UTM parameters.
  • Track 404 error pages and outbound link clicks.
  • Create custom events as well as identifying essential trends and conversions over time.
  • Share stats either privately or publicly.

What we Love about

  • It’s incredibly user friendly when compared with the complex Google Analytics interface.
  • It is lightweight so your page load times won’t suffer negatively.
  • It offers outstanding data privacy, unlike Google Analytics.
  • It’s fully GDPR compliant.
  • Super simple set up, which we always thank the developers for!
  • It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get key insights without having to deal with a complicated dashboard.
  • It’s open-source

What could hold you back?

  • It isn’t free! It is, however, very affordable.
  • it’s a Start-up, so it doesn’t track as many metrics as Google Analytics at this moment. But follow them on Social media account and watch the space 🎉.


Would We recommend it? Of course! For anyone who is looking for a simple and effective way to instantly see and assess all of the key metrics they need for their online business web tracking, is a perfect choice. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who lacks the time or skill to deal with a complex and complicated user interface, and for anyone who sees privacy as paramount, it’s a far better choice than Google Analytics.
This is why is included in all of our WordPress Care plan For FREE. As we believe our customers, deserve extra Privacy!
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