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Would you like to Supercharge ⚡️ Your WordPress Website and Host in London, UK to improve performance, speed and SEO for your local clients?

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" All our Websites are hosted and managed by ForgetWP - Amazing results! "

Rafal Kukla

Why you should I choose ForgetWP for your WordPress in London, UK?

Few examples of what you will get with our WordPress Care Plans

Content Assist

What if you need to change the content on your site? As our customer we will do as many content changes, as you need for as long as you stay with us. Simply, contact us and request content edit. Easy.


When it comes to WordPress Maintenance, try to think of a car - without servicing every year, eventually it will break down. This is why we maintain your website regularly, so everything runs at optimal levels constantly.

Regular Updates

We are completely transparent and will keep you in the loop of what’s been happening. Updates, uptime, traffic, security, backups, etc.

Technical Support

Awesome and friendly Technical Support to overcome any challenge and keep things running smoothly for you. We are always here to help!

Starts from only £35 per month

Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered in London, UK. We have a solution to fit your requirements. From Managed Super fast WordPress Hosting to Maintenance and monitoring all your site activities.

£35 /month


Our Blogger plan is the perfect starting point. If you like to blog, ForgetWP has a perfect solution to improve your WordPress and blogging experience.

Simply Forget about WordPress hassle, configuration, maintenance and leave it to us, and start doing what you love to do.

ForgetWP will be working alongside with you, as your technical partner.
We are here if you need our help.

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